Peak inside the world of Atari

“…meet all of the incredible people who
created your favorite games.”
Ernest Cline

“A guided tour of the Chocolate Factory given by Willie Wonka himself”

Ernest Cline
Author of Ready Player One
Howard Scott Warshaw in weird t-shirt, sitting at desk
HSW Birthday party at Atari

The journey of one pioneer from the dawning of this new medium, and how his experience creating some of the world’s most noted pieces of interactive entertainment reverberated throughout his life.

This book offers eye-opening details and insights, delivered in a creative style that mirrors the industry it reveals. An innovative work from one of the industry’s original innovators.

“Howard sheds light on Atari’s most tumultuous period. If you want to understand the true story of the video game crash, I highly recommend this book.”

Nolan Bushnell
Atari Founder

Editorial Reviews

Jerome Domurat
a tale set in a golden era that for many of us represents the dawn of an art form that has irrevocably and powerfully changed our lives and our world. And, as a personal history of these times, it is a moving and emotional trip, filled with interesting details and stories as told by someone so deeply inside them as to have been a part of their essential fabric. But that’s not the soul of this book, which is, in its true heart, the journey of a man – a programmer of immense talent – sucked in by a machine of greed and spat out, carelessly, after giving all and everything to it. A journey of learning and redemption, set against a world all about the seemingly magical, effortless creation of fun and joy. This wonderful book is the capstone of that journey, and to read it is to be a part of that odyssey, and to partake in the lessons that it challenges us to learn.” Seamus Blakely, The Father of XBox
living in Silicon Valley where it was all unfolding. Howard pulls back the curtain on an industry that exploded into our family rooms with his help, and shares incredible behind the scenes stories of how that curtain came crashing down in the most unlikely place. A must-read." Bret Burkhart, Broadcaster, KGO Radio
of us ever will over decades of working in this crazy field. All of the extreme highs and deep lows were condensed into a short exhaustive burn that's both beautiful and serves as an allegory for the pitfalls of unchecked creative sacrifice. This book is just as much for those interested in the early days of video games as it is for anyone giving their all to any kind of creative endeavor. He looks back from the vantage point of an accomplished therapist, not with any warning or overt guidance, but with the contagious excitement of someone who is content with the role he's played, and optimistic about the future of an industry he helped create. I've worked in games for over twenty-five years, and I've known Howard for most of them. I can honestly say that he represents the heart and soul of our industry more than anyone else I know.” Mike Mika, Video Game Developer, Author and Historian
of the birth of the gaming business from a guy who was there and actually remembers it.” Bob Saenz, Screenwriter & Author
I highly recommend this book.” Nolan Bushnell, Atari Founder


Black and white photos by Dave Staugas